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Full Version: Wheel drive bulkhead mount bracket
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I am installing Evolution Wheel Drive on my sailing catamaran. This is a bulkhead mount. I have cut a 2" [censored] in the bulkhead for the drive motor to pass thru. My question is "Is the bracket that goes in slot 1 or slot 2 necessary?" On a pedastal mount, the drive motor would be in mid air and the pedastal bracket will hold the wheel assembly stationary. On my bulkhead mount, the [censored] for the drive motor would be doing the same job. Would eliminating the bracket place too much stress on the motor?

The boat is a sailing catamaran which weighs 8600 lbs.

Thank you.
Mark Zorn

Q: Would eliminating the bracket place too much stress on the motor?
A: Eliminating the bracket to install the wheel drive in the manner which you have suggested would indeed place too much stress on the motor?
Similar issue when moving Wheel Drive Unit to a new boat where a [censored] in the bulkhead is necessary for the motor tube. If the bracket is necessary as you say above should the 1.9" dia [censored] for the tube have some slack in it so the pin takes the load and not the motor housing? How much larger should the [censored] be?

When installed properly, it is not expected that the bracket will permit much, if any movement of the drive's motor housing. Accordingly, Raymarine has not specified drilling an oversize [censored] to accommodate movement of the drive's motor housing. That said, you may want to consider making the [censored] slightly larger than the motor's housing to prevent contact between the motor's housing and the bulkhead, thereby minimizing the chance of noise associated with motor vibrating against the bulkhead when operating the drive. The void may be filled with a flexible sealant which would prevent such noise.
Because the bulkhead where the wheel is on my new boat has a pronounced knuckle in it I need to lay out the wheel drive carefully so I don't have to drill the relief [censored] for the drive motor into the knuckle. I want to make a template to do this. I may have to rotate the unit so the [censored] will be in the flat of the console. Can you give me either a CAD drawing of the attached drawing or give me the angles "P" and "Q" ?
Can I use the location "C" as an alternate for the pin on the drive bracket?

The wheel drive is designed to permit the pedestal bracket's pin to be located in either of the two holes (labeled B and C) shown within your diagram. Unfortunately, the only additional available drawing would be the one found here.
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