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I currently have an old Standard Horizon VHF Radio on my 2003 Jeanneau 43DS. Although the radio is in good working order, the cord on my RAM Mic has deteriorated. When I contacted Standard Horizon about a repair, I was informed that they no longer did repairs on that unit and my best bet would be to search Ebay for a Mic. Since purchasing the boat, three years ago, I have replace the MFD with a C140W, replacement the radome, added a HS backbone and connected a Raymarine Class B AIS, all of which are working great.

My question pertain to investing in a new VFH. I'm sure technology is very difference today and I was wondering which Raymarine VHF would be recommended and what to expect from a new unit. For example would it be connected to my backbone and what would that provide me? Would I see things, relating to radio communications on my MFD? How would the VHF interface with my AIS or would it? If these things are available, is it worth the cost given my present equipment or should I just look for a VHF with a RAM Mic and not worry about what could be done?

Communications between the MFD and a VHF radio are fairly limited
- the MFD sends GPS data to the VHF radio and
- the VHF radio sends DSC position reports to the MFD to support automatically plotting positions associated with these reports.

As the vessel is already fitted with a VHF radio, assistance in deciding among Raymarine VHF radios may be provided after receiving answers to the following questions:
- is remote station VHF capability required (ex. at helm and nav station, flybridge and cabin helm, etc.)
- is loud hailer capability desired
- is a modular design desired ... within a modular design, the receiver/transceiver circuitry is installed out of sight, leaving only handsets visible at the locations where the VHF radio will be used
Response to the questions:

Yes I need a RAM Mic at the Helm, with a speaker built into the Mic.

Don't think I need a hailer. Might be nice, but probably not worth finding a place to mount the speaker and running wires.

Don't need modular design.

Raymarine has neither designed nor tested its VHF radios four use with a RAM mic. If simply seeking a VHF radio with dual station capabilities, then a Ray60 VHF radio and a RayMic would for the second station would be recommended.
I simply want a VHF with dual station capabilities. I guess I'm not sure what a RAM Mic is?

Then the Ray60 VHF radio and RayMic would be recommended. When I had previously suggested the "RAM mic" which you have been referencing with your initial thread and responses, my search found a Standard Horizon RAM mic ... a full function section station handset ... the RayMic is the equivalent for use with compatible Raymarine VHF radios.
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