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Full Version: RV-220 transducer kit on 24.5 degree deadrise
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Good afternoon,

According the info I can find, the new RV-220 transducer pack can be fitted to a 13-20 degree deadrise. My Contender 31T has a 24.5 degree deadrise. Will the RV-220 pack work or am I forced to get the transom mount RV transducer?

Thanks in advance for any help,

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Lynn,

Installing the specified transducer set on a hull having deadrise greater than 20 degrees will create a blind spot under the hull. Unfortunately, Raymarine has not offered a RV thru-hull transducer for hulls having more than 20 degrees of deadrise, leaving only the transom mounted RV transducer option at this time. A feature request will be logged to consider introduction of RV thru-hull transducer from hulls having more than 20 degrees of deadrise.

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Thank you very much Chuck, your wealth of knowledge is much appreciated!
You're welcome.
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