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Full Version: Radar cable resistance test
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Hi Chuck,

Measured the Radar cable resistance per your instructions. The radar is analog and I use mfd e120 classic.

Paired measurments

video - White and black - 47 kohms
azimuth - violet and Grey - open circuit
trigger - orange and yellow - 9.47 kohms
data i/o - green and blue - 114 ohms

We went trought a rough passege across the Florida staight and the radar anthena is mounted on a scan view self leveling mount, which may have disconected/chaffed the violet/gray wires. if the connections are ok, can the radar antenna be serviced/repaired?

Should the radome's cable have suffered a failure, then it may be replaced. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Unfortunately, Raymarine's Product Repair Center can no longer service radomes and open array pedestals which were designed to be mated to the RADAR socket of C/E-Series Classic MFDs and hsb/hsb2/SL Pathfinder Series Radar Displays. Fortunately, the E-Series Classic MFDs were also designed to be compatible with Raymarine's HD Digital Radomes and Digital Radomes, the latter of which is no longer available. Should the radome have suffered a failure, then it would be recommended that it be replaced with a RD418HD or RD424HD Radome.

I see that there are 2 model numbers for the Raymarine RD418HD HD Digital Radome Scanner
-E92142 and T70168. I have an E120 Classic will eiher of these units work? I know that one comes with 10 meter cable and the other does not. thank you

E92142 is the part number for a RD418HD radome and T70168 is the part number for a RD418HD radome packed with a 10m Digital Radar Cable. A Digital Radar Cable will be required to interface the MFD to the Radome, as the currently installed radar cable is not compatible with Raymarine radar products having an Ethernet communications interface. Should the MFD's Ethernet (SeaTalkhs) port not presently have any cable interfaced to it, then the Digital Radar Cable may be adapted to be mated to it's Ethernet port by using an A80272 RayNet (M) to SeaTalkhs (M) Adapter Cable.
Last question.....

Do I connect the A80272 RayNet (M) to SeaTalkhs (M) Adapter Cable to the Raymarine SeaTalk HS Network Switch or to the back of the MFD?

Per my last response, the A80272 RayNet (M) to SeaTalkhs (M) Adapter Cable would be used if the MFD's SeaTalkhs socket was vacant. This would not be the case for systems in which a SeaTalkhs Network Switch had been installed onboard. Should a SeaTalkhs Network Switch be installed onboard, then an assembly constructed from an A80162 RayNet (M) to RayNet (M) Cable Joiner and an an appropriate length of RayNet (F) to RJ45 (M) Cable would be used to adapt the Digital Radar Cable to be mated to a RJ45 (F) socket of the SeaTalkhs Network Switch.
Is the connector kit for the antenna cable that has the wire terminals and the connecting block still available?

Please click here to view a FAQ providing information concerning the requested part's number and how one may determine availability of the part.
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