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Full Version: Radar (MARPA) target alarm in heavy need of improvement
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System: Quantum and es98, but I experienced the same with a e7 and 418HD some years ago.

I find MARPA and the Radar Target Alarm feature very hard to use because:

1. I cannot switch the alarm off (unlike with AIS target alarm).

Sometimes I want to acquire MARPA targets only out of curiosity in near distance. After I did that, the alarm sounds. So in fact I cannot use MARPA in near distance at all.

2. The biggest problem is that the alarm goes on again and again and again for each target. There seems no way to acknowledge an alarm for a specific target so that it does not go on again.

This is quite annoying and renders the MARPA feature nearly useless.


a) Allow me to disable the alarm completely.

b) Allow me to mute the alarm for a configurable amount of minutes. That would be very useful for alarm areas, too.

c) If possible: allow me to acknowledge an alarm for a specific target so that it does not goes on again.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum JBuss,

Thanks for the feedback regarding the MARPA features found within LightHouse II software. Your comments have been noted and your MARPA feature suggestions will be logged accordingly. Look for some significant changes to this feature in LightHouse 3.

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