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Full Version: C70 Multidisplay repair (2007 model)
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My adjustment button (or the display) doenst work properly. If I try to dim the light with it, it may adjust contrary to how I turn it or stay locked at a certain level. If it gets locked at night level then I need to shut the instrument off and turn it back on to get normal light level back.

Also the screen´s surface protection is somehow in a poor condition.

Any good advice on cleaning and/or changing in both cases?

Some may advise me to buy a new display, but the C model is, as you may know, discontinued and buying a never display model also implies buying and installing a new digital radar. It is just to expensive and all the rest of my instruments work fine with it.

Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Claus,

The reported issue is typically indicative of a failure with of the MFD's keypad PCB. While the Raymarine Product Repair Center no longer has the parts required to perform all repairs associated with the C-Series Classic MFDs, it did have the parts necessary to correct the symptoms reported with your MFD. Raymarine's Product Repair Center can also replace the window covering the LCD to address the reported issue with the window's anti-reflective coating. As parts are now quite limited for the C-Series Classic MFDs and no additional parts will be manufactured, it is recommended that that the MFD be sent to Raymarine's Product Repair Center before the required parts are no longer available.
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