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Full Version: Alerion 26 Speed Depth Transducer Choice
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I just purchased an Alerion 26 built by Carroll Marine. The current depth transducer is on the centerline near the bow, faired in to give a vertical beam. The current speed transducer is mounted on the port side, a foot or so aft of the depth unit, opposite the side in the photo. The deadrise at that point appears to be around 50 degrees. It does not appear to me that a DST800 transducer would be usable for my application. Am I right?
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Zero degree instrument depth transducers will be reasonably able to report depth when angled up to seven degrees from parallel with the water's surface. Accordingly, it would not be recommended that a DST800 transducer be installed in a location of such extreme deadrise.
That's what I thought.


You're welcome.
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