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Full Version: Airmar Speed/Temp not recognized by i70s
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Just bought the new i70s instrument and the iTC-5 converter. My depth transducer works great right away but my Airmar speed/temp transducer (might be an ST300) isn't recognized. I get flashing lights inside the iTC-5. Any idea if my Airmar transducer is compatible?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum arcadiahunter28,

In order to address this problem, we will need to positively identify the model of speed/temp transducer which is installed onboard. Should the transducer have been installed for use with a previously owned instrument, then please specify the make/model of instrument that it had been mated to.
All good - I re-initiated the transducer setup and it seems to be working fine.
We're glad to learn that the reported problem has been resolved.
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