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Raymarine forum - Is Realvision 3D transom-mount transducer reversible?

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Full Version: Is Realvision 3D transom-mount transducer reversible?
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The gap between my sterndrive leg and transom is too narrow for the length of the RV-100 transom-mount Realvision 3D transducer. My bottom is not flat so a single thru-hull transducer will not work. I would like to avoid the cost of a port/starboard pair of thru-hull transducers.

Would it be possible for me to create a fairing underneath the transom and mount the RV-100 transducer backwards? This would reverse left/right and the direction of travel that the transducer sees. Does the Axiom MFD have a setting to compensate for this so the sonar images show up with the correct orientation?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Solandri,

Mounting a RV-100 transducer in reverse orientation is not presently supported. However, as the RV transducers feature an AHRS, it may be possible to do so in the future (would require software changes to the LightHouse 3 software and a step mounting bracket). Raymarine will be releasing thru-hull RV transducers, including a 0 degree version. However, the application which you are suggesting would be entirely dependent upon how well the fairing block functions in creating a smooth flow of water across the face of the transducer.
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