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Full Version: Very Old (But Never Installed) P19 Depth Transducer -- Compatible With i40 Display?
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I have in my garage a new AIRMAR P19 transducer. The tag on the P19 indicates a manufacture date of 07/2002. I bought it long ago but never installed because my early ~1980 DataMarine depth system just kept on working. The DataMarine display is now on it's last legs. I no longer have the matching ST60 depth display.

Looking at the installation manual for Raymarine's i40 line, I note that the depth transducer input wire colors are the same as those of my old Airmar P19.

Question: Can I use my 2002 P19 for the i40 Depth display -- which I would buy new? I don't need my depth display to integrate with SeaTalk (Although I do have an ST60 speed display and ST4000+ Autohelm head installed). Stand-alone for depth is fine.

Thanks for any insights
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rardiH36,

Depth, speed, and temperature transducers designed for use with ST60 instruments (including the M78713 & E25026 P19) are compatible with i40 and i50 instrument displays supporting depth, as well as the iTC-5.

Thank you for the information.

Will be buying an i40 depth display!

You're welcome.
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