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Full Version: E120 Classic N2K GND10 gWind
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I have an E120 Classic networked to a Pathfiner MFD at the nav station. On the Raymarine networks an analog radar and DSM30 and GPS, ST290 Data modual. I have an N2K backbone connected to the e120 NG network successfully displaying engine information from a NoLand Engineering RS11. Due to a wind transducer failure I have replaced the ST290 wind transducer and pod with a gwind transducer and GND10 black box bridge. The gwind and GND10 display proper wind speed and direction, continuous update, on a laptop connected to the network.

When I turn on the MFD it displays wind speed and direction correctly updating 2 or three times and then stops updating. The static last measurements remain displayed while the networked laptop continues to show active data. The Pathfinder does the exact same thing.

I'm at wits end. Any suggestions?
Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Dan,

It is recommended that you verify that the MFD has been updated with v5.69 E-Series Classic MFD software and if not, that the MFD's software be updated accordingly. It is also recommended that you verify that the GND10 has been updated with the latest software and if not, that it be updated accordingly. After doing so, it is recommended that the system then be tested again. It is recommended that you also verify that the NMEA 2000 backbone is properly terminated.

Please note that this problem has not been previously reported in conjunction with E-Series Classic MFDs other SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 wind sensing products (ex. i60 Wind, iTC-5, ST70 Instruments w/pod, ST290 system w/wind pod, Airmar Weather Station, etc.). Should the system's components have been updated with the latest software and the SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 backbone be properly powered from a single power insertion point and properly terminated, then it would be recommended that a NMEA 2000 bus analyzer (ex. Actisense NGT-1-USB w/NMEAReader software, etc.) be interfaced to the NMEA 2000 backbone and that the backbone be monitored for the presence of wind data PGNs after the E-Series Classic MFD ceases updating. The GND10's USB interface will not suffice for such testing.

Thank you. In verifying my terminators I found I still had the ST290 DPU tied into the N2K backbone. I had disconnected the wind pod but not the DPU. When I pulled it out everything works and is displayed on the e120 and the pathfinder.
You're welcome.
By the way, In my experience, the power to the NG backbone does not pass into the nmea 2000 backbone. They each need to be separately powered.
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