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Full Version: Axiom Wifi/Bluetooth Camera Options
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Hi Raymarine,

1) What cameras are able to connect to the Axiom MFDs? Would a Go-Pro or 3rd party camera work? I'm currently waiting for my Axiom 9 3D version to arrive and looking to attach a camera to my system.

2) If a camera is able to hook up. Would recording be an option to the SD Slot of the Axiom?

Thank you!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Solo_Cam21,

Raymarine's Axiom MFDs are exclusively designed to support displaying video from IP video sources (ex. CAM220, CAM210, CAM200IP, FLIR M100, M200, and M400 Thermal Cameras, etc.). Please click here to view a FAQ addressing IP video sources for Raymarine's a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs, as it applies to AXIOM MFDs as well.

A feature request will be logged to consider support for USB video sources as well as well as to support recording from such sources within a future Axiom MFD software update.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
Thank you for the information Chuck! I think it would be very cool to have the ability to hook up either a Raymarine camera or even your Go Pro Style camera to the MFD for recording a session. My plan was to have an option quickly to start recording the back of my boat from my T-top when hooked up to a fish.

I have other ways to do that but nice way have complete control.
You're welcome.
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