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Full Version: Wireless Trasnducers and MFDs
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Will wireless transducers (for example, the T120 Wind) connect directly to MFDs such as the Axiom? Or must they be configured through the SeaTalk network?
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TackTick transducers are not designed to directly interface with Raymarine's MFDs and instruments having SeaTalkng or SeaTalk communications interfaces. Instead, Raymarine offers kits including Raymarine's new MicroTalk gateway to make interfacing the Tacktick products to a SeaTalkng network a snap. In short the MicroTalk gateway will be interfaced as a spur to the SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. Raymarine offers a system pack (part #T70345) which includes the MicroTalk gateway, T120 Wireless Masthead Transducer, and T113 Wireless Remote Display (required for calibration of TackTick transducers and initiation of auto-networking).
Thank you. That really helps!
You're welcome.
Chuck, I am following up on this thread as I had a similar question needing clarification. I am wanting to install a T101 (Tacktick) system with T112 Display and Transmitter, which I would like to communicate with my EV1 Autopilot. I do not have a MFD. Previous Forum posts recommended using the T122 Tacktick Wireless Interface along with a Actisense NGW as a data bridge to be able to interface with my SeatalkNG system.
If I understand this post correctly, the new Microtalk will replace the need for T122 wireless interface and the Actisense. Please confirm?
Finally, is it necessary to have the T113 Wireless Remote Display if I will have the T112 Display along with the T120 Transducer and Microtalk? Can the T112 do the calibration and initiation of auto-networking?
Chuck, I have read through the Micro-Talk instruction manual (87265-2) and it says the T112 can be used for initiation and calibration, so I think that question may be answered.
Final question would be: Will the T101 system work as a stand-alone instrument if I do not power up the SeaTalk system (that Micro-Talk will be connected to)? Sometimes I do not turn on the autopilot system to conserve power but I will always want the wind data.

Indeed, the T112 may be used to calibrate the TackTick Wind Transducer. The T101 system and T112 can indeed function in a stand-alone manner, being powered via their respective solar/battery.
Thank you!
You're welcome.
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