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Full Version: 13 Tooth Sprocket For Type 1 Rotary Drive
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The shaft on the Type 1 Rotary Drive requires a sprocket with a 5/8" bore and a 1/8" key. The Raymarine sprocket part number is M81182. I can't find that sprocket anywhere. I searched online and found nothing. I called Defender and WM and neither have it available. Defender told me it's a part no longer made by Raymarine. I went to other sources of sprockets but all of them that are 5/8" bore have what is a "standard" 3/32 key slot for that size bore.

Can I use a sprocket with a 3/32 key to fit onto the shaft that has a 1/8" slot without encountering future problems?

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As you have indicated the rotary drives are not supplied with sprockets and Raymarine does not offer a sprocket for its rotary drives. Those in need of sprockes for these rotary drives are generally referred to Edson Marine or to Grainger.
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