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Full Version: Open array " scanner not responding "
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I have a M92654-S 4kw open array radar. I receive a warning alert on my display
"Scanner not responding"
I verified good 12 volt power at the radar pedestal array unit. (12.38 volts)
I ran an ohms test with results below.

Video pins 1&2 white and black wires reading 45.9 kohms

Azimuth pins 12&13 violet/purple and gray reading 9.38 kohms

Trigger pins 4&7 orange and yellow reading 9.39 kohms

Data I/O pins 6&10 green and blue reading 182.8 to 183.2 ohms

I verified the readings with 2 multi meters. Are these considered good connections?
I measured readings at plug display cable end and at scanner connection inside pedestal.
Is there something else I should look for to remove the display warning?
Thanks in advance,
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dan,

The values reported should be considered to be indicative of a radar cable not having faults and the radar pedestal receiving sufficient power (assumes that the power was measured with a loaded system). Unfortunately, troubleshooting the internal circuitry of radomes and open array pedestals is beyond the scope of support offered by Raymarine. As parts and service are likewise no longer available for radomes and analog open array pedestals having analog video interfaces such as your pedestal, it would be necessary to replace it with a second hand radar pedestal or with an HD / SuperHD Open Array Pedestal (option applicable to E-Series Classic MFDs only).
Thanks Chuck for the info. How can I aquire the schematics for a M92654-S 4kw open array radar?
Thanks again,

Raymarine has not released schematics and/or repair manuals for its last generation of analog radomes and open array pedestals. One of our west coast dealers, Radar Marine (360.733.2012) has historically offered service for Raymarine radar products after Raymarine, Inc. could no longer provides such service. As there is a chance that they may be able to service the pedestal, it is recommended that they be contacted.
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