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I have a RD 418D attached to a C90w. Purchased in 2012. No targets or land mass showing on radar. I attached photos of the diagnostic pages?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum cdevil,

Please note that no photos were attached to your thread. Please respond with a photo of the MFD's Radar application screen after the radar has been commanded to transmit, it has been configured to harbor mode, gain set to Auto, and its range is adjusted to a range which is slightly greater than a large object or shoreline.
photos attached

The signal strength (SS) reported a 30 within the screen shots provided is very low. This value should typically be within the 130 - 150 range. This symptom is indicative of a failure within the radome's circuitry necessitating that the radome be replaced or be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
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