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Full Version: Radome and open array radar mounts
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Radome and open array radar mounts

If seeking maximum performance of the radar system, the radar transducer will be mounted sufficiently above the height of nearby objects or structures to permit the radar beam to pass above such items. Raymarine does not offer mounts for its radomes and open array radar pedestals. However, radar mounts are produced by third party companies to support installaiton of radomes and open array radar pedestals onboard sailboats and powerboats. A few of the most commonly used radar mounts are manufactured by the following companies:

- Scanstrut
- SeaView
- Edson Marine

Please note that marine radar mounts designed and manufactured by third party manufacturers are neither tested nor evaluated by Raymarine. Accordingly, we cannot make any recommendations regarding the applicability of the mount to one's vessel or to the radome or open array beyond that which is stated by the mount's manufacturer.

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