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Full Version: PC support for viewing quantum radar data
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Are there any Window programs and network configurations that will allow for viewing radar data from the Quantum Radar units on a PC either via a wired or a WiFi connection?
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Unfortunately, Raymarine does not presently support viewing radar imagery from Quantum radar scanners on any platforms other than the following:
- an a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD
- an android smartphone or android tablet running the Raymarine Mobile Apps
- an iPhone or iPad running the Raymarine Mobile Apps
- a television which has been directly interfaced to the video output of an e-Series MFD, eS-Series MFD, or gS-Series MFD
- a television which has been accessorized with a video casting accessory (ex. ChromeCast, etc.) to repeat the screen image of an android smartphone, anandroid tablet, an iPhone, or an iPad running running the Raymarine Mobile Apps

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