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I have a C80 MFD running v5.16 software and networked to ST60 wind, speed, depth, a i70, ST6000 Autohelm and 120 GPS sensor.
The C80 is set to display magnetic bearings. Each time the MFD is powered on the magnetic variation is set to 2 degrees W which is not correct for my area (Toronto). I can manually set it back to 11W and it is fine until it is powered down. When powered back up it resets to 2W. It does not matter if the MFD is set to manual or automatic variation, same issue. The autopilot is set to 43 degrees latitude for its variation calculation and the ST6000 magnetic display is correct.
The result is the MFD is always displaying the incorrect magnetic bearings unless the variation is manually changed at every power up.
Any suggestions what could be the issue?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Brian,

The reported issue may occur within a system having any of the following issues:
- old software within one of the systems SeaTalkng devices ... has the i70 MFID been installed a SeaTalk device or a SeaTalkng device?
- old software within the autopilot course computer ... what model of autopilot course computer is presently interfaced to the system?
- an incorrectly interfaced autopilot course computer ... please attach a system diagram (a photo of a hand draw diagram will suffice) detaining the SeaTalk, SeaTalk2, and NMEA 0183 interfacing within your system for further analysis.
Thanks Chuck, here is the diagram.

Your diagram is very helpful and correctly specifies the interfaces for all but one device within the system. While the two daisy chained i70 MFIDs are linked via a SeaTalkng Spur Cable, they will actually communicate via SeaTalk when interfaced to the system in the manner shown ... this is not indicative of a problem. However, unlike Raymarine's currently manufactured products, the C-Series Classic MFDs, ST60 Instruments, and PC/SeaTalk/NMEA 0183 Interface Module did not feature support for multiple sources of any one type of data. Whereas the system features a source of heading data (i.e. the S2G autopilot) the KVH compass should not also be interfaced to the system. If seeking to provide the MFD with 10Hz stabilized heading data, then the S2G's NMEA 0183 Port 1 OUT terminals should be interfaced to the NMEA 0183 input port of the MFD. It is further recommended that you verify that each of the i70 MFIDs has been updated with v3.08 or later i70/i70S software.
Thanks, that makes sense. If I connect the NMEA to the S2G's NMEA input should I also disconnect the fluxgate to eliminate a second compass?

Q. If I connect the NMEA (output of the KVH Sailing Compass) to the S2G's NMEA input should I also disconnect the fluxgate to eliminate a second compass?
A. Yes.
You're welcome.
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