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Is the Axiom 9 and RV220 transducers capable of providing coverage at depths below 300 feet/50 fathomsto 600feet/100 fathoms?

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject.
I read the link but unfortunately it doesn't help me as I need a real simple answer.

Let me ask it this way.

I have the Axiom 9 with the RV220 (port and starboard) transducers. Is that combination capable of greater depths and will it work if I connect a CP470 or CP370 in the network with an HS5 network switch or directly to Axiom?


The RV220 pair will support four types of sonar, DownVision, SideVision, RealVision 3Dâ„¢, and High CHIRP (conical) Sonar. The previously referenced provided approximate maximum operational depths for each of these types of sonar. When seeking to operate in depths greater than 600', it would be recommended that the High CHIRP (conical) Sonar channel be selected. Please see the screen snapshot below of an Axiom MFD equipped with RV220 pair in very deep water. Please additionally note that as the strength of reflected sonar signal diminishes with depth, the MFD may show a faint image of the bottom as shown below, but not populate the Depth data item due to inability to distinguish the return as bottom vs organics suspended within the water column.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1224]

For operation in depths greater than 900', would be recommended that the Axiomn MFD be fitted with a Y-Cable to which a compatible 50kHz/200kHz transducer may be connected. Alternatively, the Axiom MFD be interfaced to a CP370 w/compatible 1kW transducer or CP470/CP570 w/compatible CHIRP transducer.
Will the thru hull B765 LH or B265 LH with a CP470 work? Will they both work with the Axiom 9?

As would be the case with a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs, when interfaced to a CP470, the Axiom MFDs will support high power CHIRP sonar. The CP470 is compatible with either Raymarine's B765LH and B265LH transducers.

Is the Axiom 9 a "tunable" display for the B265LH tunable transducers ?
How do I navigate the various windows/menus to find the High CHIRP (conical) Sonar channel on the Axiom 9?

When connected to the CP470 and compatible transducer, the MFD's Fishfinder application will feature an option to select the CP470 sonar as the channel to be viewed. The Fishfinder application's menus will then include appropriate options to adjust the sonar settings of the CP470 to meet your needs.
You're welcome.
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