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On a YouTube video ( ) about the Axiom and the various RV Transducers the guy stated that if you use a pair of RV 3D transducers you get increased depth, side view and forward view over the single transducer. Is that correct? If so, what are the improved ranges compared to the single transducer?

Also, can the RV 220 pair transducers work with the a98 MFD to provide Downview and sonar? I understand it will not provide 3D image. I'm updating to the Axiom electronics for GPS/Chartplotter and RV. The a98 is my existing system and will move it to cockpit.

The mention of a second transducer within the referenced BoatingAdvice YouTube video was not a reference to an Axiom RV220 pair. It was instead inferring that as the Axiom RV and Axim DV MFDs additionally feature internal 600W 50kHz / 200kHz fishfinder sonar circuitry, these MFDs may simultaneously be interfaced to a compatible 50kHz / 200kHz fishfinder transducer to additionally support traditional 50kHz / 200kHz operation in depths greater than would be supported by the RealVision 3Dâ„¢ transducer and RealVision 3Dâ„¢ processing circuitry of the MFD. Axiom MFDs are not forward looking sonar products. Any increase in forward bottom coverage associated with additionally interfacing a 50kHz / 200kHz transducer would be associated with a potential increase in the cone angle specification for the 50kHz / 200kHz transducer over the 25 degree cone angle provided by the CHIRP (conical) element of the RealVision 3Dâ„¢ transducer(s).

The RealVision 3Dâ„¢ transducer(s) are not designed to interfaced to an ax8 MFD, eSx8 MFD, or CP100. However, following the LightHouse 3 software update for a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFDs, these MFDs may be interfaced with the Axiom RV MFDs w/RealVision 3Dâ„¢ transducer(s) to support RealVision 3Dâ„¢ features on the a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD.
Ok, After I update my a98 MFD with the LightHouse 3 software, what would I need to purchase to interface/link it with the Axiom RV MFD w/RV-220 pair of transducers so it would support the RV 3D features? My understanding is that the a98 MFD will now display whatever is displayed on the Axiom MFD. including the RV 3D images?

Should one of the a98 MFD's Ethernet Network ports not currently be in use, then one of these ports may be interfaced to the Ethernet Network port of the Axiom RV MFD via an appropriate length of RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) Cable. Should both of the a98 MFD's Ethernet Network ports currently be in use, then one or both of the Ethernet cables will be disconnected from the a98 MFD's Ethernet Network ports and will instead be connected to the Ethernet Network port of a HS5 RayNet Network Switch. An Ethernet port of the a98 MFD and an Ethernet port of the Axiom RV MFD will then each be connected to the HS5 RayNet Network Switch via appropriate lengths of RayNet (F) to RayNet (F) Cable.
Do the pair of RV-220 transducers need fairing blocks? I will be installing on a 38 sportfisherman.

Q: Do the pair of RV-220 transducers need fairing blocks? I will be installing on a 38 sportfisherman.
A: No. These transducers are designed to be directly mounted to the hull's surface and have a very low profile.
You're welcome.
I'm in the process of installing my RV 220 transducers and two Axiom 9 MFD. One of the MFD will be installed in the bridge and the other in the cockpit. How do I get the one in the cockpit to show what is showing on the bridge MDF?
Hello ReelAttitudeBDA,

You will need to setup the two AXIOM displays on the same Raynet network.

To do this, you will need two Raynet(F) to Raynet(F) cables and one HS5 network switch. Both displays will be connected to the HS5 network switch via one Raynet(F) to Raynet(F) cable each. You can view information about the HS5 network switch Here.

Once the AXIOM displays are on the same network, you will be prompted to select a "Datamaster" display. At that point, choose whichever display you would like to be your main display. Once a datamaster has been selected, you will be able to view the RealVision information on either display in the FishFinder application.

- Dave
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