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Full Version: Dragonfly 6 Transducer Cable
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I just installed a Dragonfly 6 on a Aqua Patio 220 DF and my XDCR cable is stretched to the limit. Is there an accessory cable that I can use as an extension? Even just a foot would help but three feet or a meter would allow me to reroute the cable in a less strained manner.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jakester,

Raymarine does offer transducer extension cables for Dragonfly displays. You will need to examine the display's power/transducer socket. It will have either one black aligment key, a plastic alignment ridge) or three black alignment keys on the inside perimeter surface of the display's socket. These key are designed to ensure that the cable's plug is properly aligned with the socket's pins before being permitted to be fully pushed into the socket.The A80224 4m Extension would be used for for Dragonfly displays having "single keyway" sockets and the A80312 4m Extension would be used for Dragonfly displays having "three key" sockets.
Thanks for all of your help. The Ford light bulb finally lit up and I understood what you were trying to tell me. I have the three keyway plug and will need the A80312 cable.
You're welcome.
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