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Full Version: Networked Chart Data
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I have just completed over the past weekend a new A95, A67 with a new RD418HD and HS5 network switch and Seatalk converter. I have confirmed that everything is talking as shown in this Diag dump and have set the A95 as the Data Master. I have a fully updated Navionics card in the A95 but do not appear to be seeing anything but the base charts on the A67. Is there something specific I need to do?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jason,

Unfortunately, the supplied file does not indicate how these MFDs have been interfaced to one another. Please describe whether these MFDs have been interfaced to one another via a HS5 RayNet Network Switch or have been interfaced to one another via SeaTalkng.
The A95 and A67 along with the radar are all connected via a HS5 network switch.

It is recommended that you verify that each MFD can access access imagery from the system radar transducer. If so, then it would be recommended that any waypoints, routes, and tracks be back up to a microSD memory card and that the configuration settings of the MFDs be noted. After doing so, it would then be recommended that a System Settings & Data Reset be commanded from each MFD. After doing so, the system should then be tested again. Be certain to use the Chart Selection configuration setting within each Chart application page/pane being view to select the type of cartography which you desire to view and for you have a corresponding chart card in the MFD's memory card reader. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should the problem persist, then please indicate whether the Ethernet network includes any third party Ethernet cables and whether any of the Raymarine Ethernet cables have been modified, spliced, or have been subjected to bends having a radius of less than 3".
I have confirmed that each plotter can control and see Radar Image data. The A95 is the Data Master and has the SeaTalk to SeaTalkNG converter connected. I have confirmed that the A67 can see the data coming across the SeaTalk bus (Wind, Depth, Speed). Additionally I have AIS data which is connected to the A95 from a Standard Horizon VHF/AIS radio via NMEA which is also being interfaced over the RayNet connection to the A67. So at this point I don't feel that I have an issue with the RayNet network. Everything is connected via Raynet cables that have not been modified.

I will try the system reset this weekend.

Thanks for the update. I would concur that you may not have an issue with the Ethernet communications. Should the System Settings & Data Reset not resolve the issue, then please respond with answers to the other items listed within my initial response.
A system reset of the A67 did the trick.

Thank you,
You're welcome.
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