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Full Version: DSM300 an B744VL
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I have a DSM300 connected to my E90W MFD. The deucer is a B744VL. This was initially wired for a Garmin but the deucer was sent to me (aftermarket purchase) without any connector ends on it. I happen to have a raymarine connector from another old deucer and wired it into the deucer and connected it to the DSM. The issue is that the wiring (color to color) is not working as I would assume it should. I did get it to work for depth but I have no temp or speed info displayed. is there a trick to requiring the B744VL for a Raymarine connector when the B744VL was initially for Garmin?

Please click here and here to view the FAQs addressing this subject. There are no configurations settings or special tricks as you have suggested.
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