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Full Version: Engine data from MAN D0836LE401 to e127
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Hello forum. I am interested in determining if it is possible to interface my MAN diesels, model D 0836 LE 401, model year 2004 to Raymarine 127 MFDs.

From reading other threads, it appears that one each ECI-100 interface will be used. I understand how the connection is made between ECI-100 and e127 via seatalk network. Does anyone know what the setup is between MAN diesel and ECI-100, and what data is available?

Thanks in advance for any information.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ahoch,

Raymarine only supports use of its ECI-100 with Volvo, Yamaha, Yanmar, Honda, and Caterpillar engines.
oh, ok thanks. Any alternate suggestion or preferred method from the Raymarine side of things?

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Raymarine does not offer an engine gateway supporting MAN engines. It is recommended that the engine manufacturer be contacted to seek a recommendation for an engine system NMEA 2000 gateway.
Got it, will do, thanks for the info.

This forum is a great resource, nice job Chuck!
You're welcome.
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