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Full Version: Radar not displaying images
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We recently had to disconnect our radar array (HD color) from the arch for dry land transport. When it was reconnected, the array spins but is not showing images on the display (e97). Zooming in and out on the display you can see some small dots and the faint path of the refresh but it is not displaying the proper land/objects. I tried adjusting various settings but nothing has fixed the issue. Any idea what the problem is?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum jsak001,

Based upon the symptoms reported, the pedestal appears to a suffered damage to its FF probe. Damage to the latter will often result in damage to pedal's IF circuity. It is corresponding recommended that the array be removed from the pedestal and that the pedestal be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
Chuck, is it possible they have it in Offshore mode vs Harbor or Bouy?

While it would be expected that returns would still be seen within a harbor, irrespective of the mode which had been configured, it can't hurt to ensure that the Radar app has been configured to harbor mode.
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