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Full Version: How do it enter time into my Raymarine products?
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How do it enter time into my Raymarine products?

Raymarine products do not support entry of time. Instead, Raymarine products are designed to receive time and date from the system's GPS sensing device (ex. Raystar 150 GPS Sensor, MFD w/internal GPS receiver, etc.), which in turn receive this data from the GPS satellites. The time and date information provided by the GPS sensing device is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC / GMT) rather than local time. In order for Raymarine products to report local time, the operator must correctly configure the Local Time Offset configuration setting within one of the system's devices to match that of one's local time offset of one's locality adjusted for Daylight Savings (if applicable). Raymarine products do not support automatic application of Daylight Savings time. Correctly configuring the system for local time is required to permit systems which support displaying tide and current data to correctly display tide and current information for the local time.

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