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Full Version: dragonfly 4pr0
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bought this last may with a Navonics bundle, still getting used to the the Charts . but today i received a message telling me i subscription to fresh updates has expired. I thought by registering my product i was good for three years.
went to log into my raymarine account to check and it would not let me log in
saying my username or password was wrong ,then they want username to recover account, but it didnt recognize that either. then i went to re register and know i need a You must have an Account No to complete this form.
Help please - does it really have to be this difficult?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum fonthill,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As mentioned within the referenced FAQ, the Navionics+ chart card is to be registered with Navionics, not with Raymarine. Per the FAQ, Freshest Data Update subscriptions may be purchased from Navionics (508-291-6000) after the first year should one of the features specified within the FAQ be desired.

Registration of Raymarine products (Dragonfly products excluded) within thirty days of purchase will extend the 2-year product warranty to 3 years. Dragonfly products have a one year warranty.
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