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Full Version: Lost Quantum Wifi connection
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Yesterday while out boating, I turned on the quantum radar. It worked fine for a while and then suddenly stopped working. I checked the fuse (good) and tried to re-pair with my eS78-no luck.
Today I tried again to re-pair with no luck. I did a system reset and that didn't take care of the problem. I took the radome off to verify that there was power at the plug (there was). However, I noticed that I could hear liquid (water) splashing around inside the radome. I'm not sure how water could enter the enclosure.
I looked at the FAQ addressing the connectivity problem and followed the procedure closely.
I noticed that the MFD was showing that it was v17.45 (I think it had been v17.46 before I did the system reset). I downloaded and installed v19.03 firmware.
I don't know how to verify the Quantum software since it does not show up in the maintenance devices screen.
I triple and quadruple checked the SSID and passcode.
The wifi is set to "On"
I tried to verify the wifi communications circuitry with RayViewer as well as RayRemote. Both said they were connected to the MFD wifi but neither would find the display.
I pulled the fuse to the Quantum and after a short time I reinserted it.
I again tried to pair with the radar and again was unsuccessful.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Shesby,

For the benefit of others viewing this thread, they may click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Should the mobile device have been operating with the Android 7 operating system, then the RayViewer and RayRemote apps would have been unable to communicate with the MFD ... this will be addressed shortly. Given the troubleshooting performed and corresponding results, it is recommended that the radome be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced.
The apps are indeed on a Android 7 OS. Thanks for confirming what I suspected.
You're welcome.
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