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I've read about your products and they come highly recommended. I'm going on a fly-in fishing trip to Canada and would like to bring a portable fish finder. Do any of your units support this type of set-up. Thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Millers,

As Raymarine fishfinding products do not features commonly associated with portable fishfinder (ex. internal battery storage, carrying case, etc.) they are not typically be thought of as portable. However, the relatively small size and low power requirements of some Raymarine fishfinding products (ex. Dragonfly, ax8 MFDs) is so low that they are commonly powered by 12V lithium ion battery packs. It would be a far stretch to see these Raymarine fishfinding products to be used in ice fishing and portable applications such as you have suggested.
Thank you for the quick and helpful response.
You're welcome.
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