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Can you tell me what the pin-out is on a RD418HD Radome?
Anyone know where I can get a new screw on retainer ring for my cable? Without the metal keyed ring, I don't know which way to plug the cable in.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum abarbasch,

Should the metal locking ring of a Digital Radar Cable be missing, then the Digital Radar Cable or Digital Radar Extension Cable must be replaced. As the plug of Digital Radar Cable and Digital Radar Extension Cables feature an alignment keyway, it is not possible to incorrectly seat a Digital Radar Cable's plug within the socket of a Digital/HD Digital Radome or HD/Super HD Open Array Pedestal ... i.e. the plug cannot be fully seated unless the plug's keyway is aligned with the socket's alignment key. With respect to the plug's power pins, they are the plug/socket's two largest pins. The upper pin is the positive power pin and then lower pin is the negative power pin. The aforementioned keyway and key are located above the positive power pin.
In addition, the Ethernet pins are as follows:

Facing the connector on the radome:

Upper-right: TX+ (pin1 on an RJ45)
Lower-right: TX- (pin 2 on an RJ45)
Upper-Left: RX+ (pin 3 on an RJ45)
Lower-Left: RX- (pin 6 on an RJ45)
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