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Full Version: P70 Menu only shows "Mode" and Wind Vane Type" option
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Just fired up the EV-100, ACU-100, P70 with E7D MFD. Went to the P70 control head menu and it only shows "Mode" or "Wind Vane Type" as an option. No setup. Any ideas whats going on?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mswanicke,

It is recommended that an Pilot Factory Reset (MENU->SET-UP->AUTOPILOT CALIBRATION->COMMISSIONING->PILOT FACTORY RESET) be performed to address this issue.
How do I do that if "SET UP" isn't shown as a MENU option?

The Menu list cannot fit on a single screen and like other menus is meant to be scrolled via the arrow up and arrow down keys. Set-up should appear near the bottom of the Menu list.
That is my problem. Like my title say's Menu only shows "Mode", "Wind Vane Type" and something like "Wind Vane options". Scroll does not show anything else beyond that.

It is recommended that each of the Evolution autopilot components (EV-1 Sensor Core, ACU-100, and p70/p70S Autopilot Control Head) within your system be updated with the latest available Raymarine product software updates to address the inability to access the menu items specified. Should your system not feature a Raymarine MFD through which these Evolution autopilot devices may be updated, then it would be recommended that the devices be updated by your Raymarine dealer or that they be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be updated.
My bad, you were right the first time. Directly below "Wind Vane Type" was "Restart XTE" which was greyed out and in the sunlight invisible.
You're welcome.
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