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Full Version: I lose SOG whenever I select a waypoint to go to
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I never got this problem resolved. I lose SOG whenever I select a waypoint to go to. Here is some additional detail on my equipment / system.​

P70 Display
EV-1 Course Computer
ACU 100 Acuator
GPS Source: Choice of NMEA 0183 (0) or Internal
GPS. Internal GPS is currently
GPS Datum Source Internal
Source - was NMEA 0183 (0), but I just changed it to EV-1 Course Computer
Depth source: NMEA 0183 (0)
Speed source: NMEA 0183 (0)
Wind: NMEA 0183 (0)
Internal GPS: On
NMEA Output - Default settings
NMEA Input Port 1: 38400 - sending and receiving data
NMEA Input Port 2: 38400 -
not sending or receiving anything
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum PGrady,

I suspect that the problem is resulting from a data loop. These commonly occur when NMEA 0183 devices have not been correctly interfaced to the system, have been incorrectly configured to loop data received via their NMEA 0183 port, or the design of the NMEA 0183 device loops data but is not user configurable. Should you provided a system diagram listing each of the make/model of each of the devices which have been interfaced to your marine electronics system and identifying how these devices have been interfaced to one another, then we may be able to advise regarding how to correct the problem.
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