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Full Version: Digit height & other considerations for i40 Depth vs. i50 Depth
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We are comparing the i40 and i50 Depth systems as candidates for replacing our very old Standard Horizon depth display and transducer.

From the images it seems like the depth readout digits on the i40 Depth display might be smaller than those on the i50 Depth display.

The i40 and i50 documents both describe a maximum digit height of 28mm.

Does this mean the depth digits are the same height for these two displays?

If the depth readout digits are the same on both, we would consider the i40 to have these advantages over the i50: the main cutout [censored] is smaller, four additional mounting screw holes are not needed, and it consumes slightly less power.

We are not trying to match the look of existing or future instrument installations and are not interfacing the Depth system to any other devices. Are there other characteristics we should be considering in deciding between these two Depth systems?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Jim,

In fact the size of the numbers displayed by the i40 Depth and i50 Depth Instrument displays are not the same. While the size of the numbers displayed on the i40 Depth Instrument are indeed 28mm in the vertical dimension, the size of the numbers displayed on the i50 Depth Instrument are 37mm in the vertical dimension.
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