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Full Version: Compass Safe Distance for marine electronics
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Compass Safe Distance for marine electronics

Compass Safe Distance is defined to be the minimum distance which a marine electronics device may be installed within proximity to a magnetic north seeking device (ex. instrument compass, autopilot fluxgate compass, etc.) without causing deviation in the magnetic field sensed by the magnetic north seeking device. When a value for Compass Safe Distance is not specified by the manufacturer of a marine electronics device, it is generally the device not installed within 3' of a magnetic north seeking device when conditions permit doing so. That said, it is not uncommon for equipment to be installed within the Compass Safe Distance to a vessel's compass located at the helm or binnacle. In such cases, it is recommended that the vessel's compass be corrected for any resulting changes to the sensed deviation field. Most vessel compasses may be adjusted for sensed deviation and will be supplied with instructions addressing how to perform deviation adjustments. Alternatively, the services of a professional compass adjuster may be obtained for such purposes.

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