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Full Version: How to update product software when MFD lacks a SeaTalkng or Ethernet interface
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How to update product software when MFD lacks a SeaTalkng or Ethernet interface

Most Raymarine products featuring an Ethernet or SeaTalkng communications interface are designed to be updated via the system's Data Master Axiom MFD, a/c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD, Data Master C/E-Series Widescreen MFD, Data Master GPM400, or Data Master E-Series Classic MFD. More recent Raymarine product designs (ex. AIS700) are designed to be updated via a .iso file and accordingly a MFD running the latest available LightHouse II or LightHouse 3 software would be required to perform the softwware update. MFDs running LightHouse 3 software are not designed to update legacy devices having a SeaTalkng communications interface. With the exception of SR50 Sirius Satellite Weather/Radio Receivers, the C-Series Classic MFDs cannot update the software of any other products. Links to download product software as well as for installation instructions, may be found on each product's respective Software Update web page.

Raymarine products may also be updated by:
- Raymarine dealers equipped to perform this service … recommend consulting your dealer prior to bringing equipment to the dealer
- Certified Raymarine Installers
- Raymarine’s Product Repair Center.

The above listed resources may also be used to update Raymarine product software in systems which do not feature a Raymarine MFD which is capable of performing remote product software updates to devices within an Ethernet or SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 network.

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