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Full Version: [CA] Axiom 7 power consumption?
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Does anybody know what the power consumption of the Axiom 7 is? The specs on the website are unfortunately saying that it's TBD.
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The requested information is specified within 8.1: Axiom tech spec of the Axiom MFD Installation Instructions.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1036]
Thanks Chuck,

that would be ~30 Watt (just the chart plotter). I doubt it and it'd be quite bad compared to let's say any of the a-series. Even the largest stays below 30W at full brigtness and uses a mere 7W in PowerSave mode.

What I'm looking for is the normal operational power consumption. I.e. at full brightness and PowerSave mode.

Per the spec, the full brightness is indeed be 2.5A (approx. 30W as you have suggested) for the Axiom 7 Chartplotter configured for Full Brightness. The default setting of the MFD's backlight is full brightness and the specified full brightness power specification would typically be used for operation of the product under daylight conditions. Power Save mode is simply a mode whereby the MFD's backlight circuit, the most power consuming component within the Axiom 7 Chartplotter, is switched OFF while the MFD's processor and communications circuitry remains active. When in Power Save Mode, the LCD's image may not be viewed. While not specified, the power consumption for Power Save mode should be very similar to that of the a-Series MFDs. A request will be submitted to the engineering team to provide information for the power consumption of Axiom MFDs operating in Power Save mode. Upon receiving this information, this post will be updated accordingly.
Ok, thanks. I guess instead of PowerSave I meant something like 50% brightness or whatever leaves the MFD operational but still saves a good chunk of power.

Reason I'm asking is because I'm looking to electrify a small sailboat with a portable (but finite) power source. The Axiom 7 is appealing because it's in some ways like a tablet that's waterproof, costs about the same as some high-end tablets and "attaching" it to the boat will be conceptually similar.

Maybe you should consider an Axiom Tab. ;)
I'm curious if the engineering team has given a response to this ? Would like to know about what my Axiom 9 would draw in power save mode

Thanks, Greg
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Greg,

Unlike LightHouse II software, LightHouse 3 software does not yet feature a Power Save Mode. This feature has been logged for consideration to be included within a future LightHouse 3 software update. It has been requested that coincident with the introduction of this feature, that power consumption information be identified for each of the MFDs capable of running LightHouse 3 software. Should such information become available sooner, then this post will be updated accordingly.

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