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Full Version: Problem with CP370 and E140W
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I have a CP370 and E140W on my boat. I have both a P66 and M260 transducers, only connected one at a time. With either one of the transducers connected, sometimes the MFD will just lose the transducer readings. It will read insanely deep or shallow for where I am or it will just not read anything. It will work fine for a few hours and then just stop. It doesn't matter which transducer is connected. Any ideas for things to look at? The CP370 is less than a year old and has a dedicated power connection to a fuse block. The voltage at the CP370 reads above 13 volts.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum cwhite6,

Please indicate whether you are employ a transducer switch box or whether switching transducers is accomplished by disconnecting one transducer's cable to permit the other transducer's cable to be plugged into the CP370. If using the latter method, please describe all steps leading up to physically switching transducers and then viewing the fishfinder application.
I am not using a switching box. If I change them over, I turn off the CP370 by a dedicated switch for it and let it shut down. After it has shut down I unplug one transducer from the CP370 and plug the other one in. I then power up the CP370 again. I added the P66 last year because I thought my M260 was broken since I get losing signal from it or it would quit reading bottom. But, the P66 is doing the same thing. I generally do not switch the transducers when fishing. We typically fish for around 12 hours from leaving the dock to returning and sometimes do over night trips. The machine will work fine and then just quit. For example, on Thursday we left the dock and and fished/ran for 6 hours. Everything was working fine and then I lost bottom and the screen basically redded out. I shut the whole system down including the plotter, switch the transducer, and powered back up. Worked fine for a little while and then quit again. My boat has a dedicated house battery that is charged by my motors through a ACR. Voltage on the system never drops low. Usually above 14.1V.

Thanks for confirming the process performed ... wanted to ensure that you weren't causing damage to the CP370 and/or transducer as a result of hot swapping the transducers. The only thing that I may add to your procedure is to ensure that you have used the Transducer selection feature of the Fishfinder application to specify the model of transducer that is actually connected to the sounder module after each change. If so and given the symptoms reported it would be recommended that the CP370 be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced. The note enclosed should specify the typical time to failure and include instructions to test until failure occurs.
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