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Full Version: Axiom vs eS Series
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I am about to make a decision wether to buy two eS Series 9" or the new Axiom 9". I was told buy the dealer/installer that the new Axiom replaces the A Series rather than the eS Series. But now I am confused since the Raymarine website describes the Axiom as a faster and more advanced product. So the question is, is the Axiom a better choice than the eS Series? I can wait for the additional Lighthouse III feautures to come later, so it is a question of wether the eS series is now replaced by the Axiom or not.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum luigi-miranda,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. The Axiom MFDs would not be considered to be a replacement for Raymarine's eS-Series MFDs.
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