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Full Version: Dragonfly 7 PRO with Navionics - which Navionics?
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Some merchants (or Raymarine?) bundle the Dragonfly 7 Pro with Navionics+ mapping.

Is it:

- the full Navionics+, as would be, if purchased sepaarately?

- some variant requiring an upadte from day one, or only good for a period of time?

- jay
Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Jay,

At one time, the Navionics NAV+ chart cards sold by Navionics dealers were blank and required that customers populate these chart cards with Nautical Chart, Sonar Charts, and Community updates. Navionics recently began pre-populating their NAV+ chart card for the North American market with Nautical charts for the Coastal waters of the US and Canada as well as with the Nautical charts for US and Canadian Lakes and Rivers. The Navionics NAV+ chart cards which have been bundled with Raymarine products for the North American market have always been pre-populated with Nautical charts for the Coastal waters of the US and Canada as well as with the Nautical charts for US and Canadian Lakes and Rivers.

As with NAV+ chart cards purchased from a Navionics dealer, the NAV+ chart cards bundled with Raymarine product may be registered via Navionics to provide one year of Freshest Data Updates. This permits the Nautical cartography stored on the chart card to be replaced with the latest Nautical Charts, Sonar Charts, and Community Data for the geographic area bounded by the owner using the Navionics Chart Installer program. Freshest Data subscriptions are available to be purchased from Navionics after the initial Freshest Data Updates subscription expires. To learn more about Freshest Data subscriptions, visit http://www.navionics.com.

Link to fresh data above does work (for me): Page not found.

You'll need to start at the Navionics home page and walk your way in.
My Dragonfly Pro arrived and the Navionics+ part is clearly labelled
"Bundled with...", that is, not a separate stand-alone Navionics.

Hopefully that will not impact future product updates or upgrades?
Buying digital goods is interesting...!

The ability to update the cartography on a Navionics NAV+ chart bundled with a Dragonfly display or MFD is identical to that of a separately purchased NAV+ chart card. Also, purchasing a type of chart card which is bundled with a Dragonfly display or MFD does not then limit that Dragonfly display or MFD to being used only with that chart card. Any compatible chart card which has been populated with Navionics Nautical and Sonar Charts, C-Map 4D, or LightHouse Charts may instead be used with the Dragonfly display or MFD.
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