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Full Version: Axiom Shutdown
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I just had the Axiom 9 installed on my sailboat, with Navionics charting, and a Quantum radar done. I upgraded the Lighthouse software which i had downloaded on the microsd. All seems to be working but when i go to shut the unit down, there is no reaction on the unit when i do the bottom right swipe with my finger (the swipe does work to power up) I find if i shut off the circuit breaker power to the radar and then power it up again, i can do the swipe...Seems like a software glitch.
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Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. At this time, we have been unable to duplicate the reported problem within our Axiom MFD's which have been updated with v3.0.66 software. The MFDs are operated continuously each business day for at least 9 hours continuously and often for several days at a time. Should the problem persist, then it would be recommended that the MFD be sent to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced when it is convenient to do so.
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