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Full Version: RS 125 Status Light Code
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I've got a guy with an E-80 and RS 125 GPS sensor. He's having problems with it so I asked him to check the status light on the RS 125. It's showing 2 long red flashes and then 3 short white flashes. This combination of lights is not shown in the installation manual. Does anyone know what this is indicating and can it be serviced?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Team Ruby,

As the reported problem is not a defined state for the Raystar 125 GPS Sensor, the condition described would be indicative of a failure of the GPS sensor. You may want to try replacing the Raystar 125 GPS Sensor's CR2032 battery to restore proper operation. Should doing so not address the problem, then the Raystar 125 GPS Sensor would need to be replaced. Raymarine's Raystar 150 GPS Sensor is designed to support SeaTalkng/NMEA 2000 communications, but may also be adapted to supply GPS data to systems supporting SeaTalk or NMEA 0183 communications.
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