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Full Version: How to get engine data to my E7D?
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I was wondering if someone can tell me what cable(s) I need to get my Raymarine E7D to display engine data from my 2011 Yamaha F250. I have the Raymarine Seatalk NG Starter Kit, so would I just need the Raymarine Yamaha Command Link cable or will I need the Raymarine ECI-100 as well and/or anything else? Thanks for any info you can give me.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum tmoney316,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, Raymarine’s ECI-100 Engine Gateway presently supports integration with select Volvo, Yamaha, Yanmar, Honda, and Caterpillar marine engines. To learn more about how to interface the ECI-100 to your system and to Yamaha engines, please see the Yamaha Engine Connection tab of the ECI-100 Connectivity web page.
Thanks for the response Chuck,
By looking at the diagram I'll need the following since I have the SeaTalk ng Starter Kit?:
Raymarine Yamaha Link Cable (E70242)
Yamaha Command-Link or Command-Link Plus Hub

Does that seem correct. I just don't want to buy the wrong thing, cause a lot of times you can't return items like these. Thanks for your help.

The list you have appears to be correct. If you look carefully at the Yamaha backbone, you will see that Yamaha terminal block will feature termination plugs with its two bus sockets to terminate the engine system backbone.
Ok, so I finally got around to hooking everything up and still have no luck with my e7d finding my Yamaha motor F250TXR? What I did was I hooked up the 12ft pigtail bus wire to my command link port in my engine. I ran that to inside my center console to the Yamaha multi port hub assembly. I ran the power cable (red plug) for the multi port to the key switch. Added two gray resistor caps for the bus ports not being used and one white device cap that's not being used. Then ran the command link plus cable from the multi port hub to the ECI-100 and then ran the short spur cable from the ECI-100 to the SeaTalk 5 way connector. I ran power to the 5 way connector from the key switch. Then connect the long spur cable to the e7d. When I start the motor all I get is two constant green lights on the ECI-100. Please let me know if I hooked something up wrong or if there is a certain setting in the e7d that I have to change? I am using the current firmware v17.45 too. I'm trying to upload pics, but it's not letting me? I'll try again after I submit this post. Thanks for any help you can give me.
Here's the pics if it works. I clicked on browse and added all the .jpg pics and it shows the 7 attached photos, but when I clicked on "Insert Into Post" nothing happens and if I do Preview Post, no pictures show up, just this message shows up. Each picture is below 500kb too. Hope they come through to you. Thanks.

When using an ECI-100, the MFD's Engines Set-up feature (HOME->SET-UP->SYSTEM SETTINGS->EXTERNAL DEVICES->ENGINES SET-UP) must be used. Have you used this feature yet?
Yes I did. I started the engine when it told me to as well and it says it can't find data from the engine or can't find the engine. Something on that order, so I have to hit "Skip". Tried it multiple times.

The two systems appear to be correctly interfaced to one another. Is the e7D MFD interfaced to any other Raymarine MFDs? If so, then please specify the model(s) of the other MFDs. What version of software is installed within the ECI-100?
No other MFD's or devices are interfaced to it. I'm not sure what version software is on the ECI-100, the e7D has v17.45. . I'll check the ECI-100 tonight when I get home. Thanks.
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