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Full Version: Quantum Radar Cable for data
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whats the difference between Raymarine A80275 vs A62362

→I have the A62362 run to radar arch and would like to use with my Quantum Radar.
Yes, the Raynet to Raynet cable can be used for the data cable connection, they are the same. You will still need to run the power cable for the Quantum radar.
Thanks Steve for your reply.

I have a couple of items to solve with the Quantum.

1.) I cannot connect via WIFI now. It worked once, but a few weeks later it will not come up. I can see the SSID on my IPhone and when I try to connect I can see it disconnect the WIFI on the MFD and try to connect to the Qauntum SSID. I have check/double checked connection id / pw.

2.) I thought I would just use the black cable which you indicated was compatible, but the radar does not show up with just the cable.

Not sure what to do next?

A97 with latest software update 16.47 Lighthouse II
Direct Connect with power and a data cable


When putting in the SSID, you have to enter the complete Quantum_SSID.

The radar shows up with the power cable, which is required, because the unit can be connected wirelessly. The Raynet Radar cable is not included in the box with the unit it has to be purchased separately. You can use the Raynet to Raynet cable you have plus to power cable in the box for a wired connection of the radar.
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