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Full Version: Upgrade from C80 to C95
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Okay, I know this can't be that difficult, but we are getting many different answers.

I have an e127 and my buddy saw it and wanted to upgrade his C80.

So, the decision has been made by him to go with a C95. Great, that's all set.

The Problem:

The C 80 has 3 connections that are being used.

1 - Power Plug. This is self explanatory...Got it

2 - GPS / Antenna three wire sort of flat plug. NOT going to use the external GPS, so just tie it back and do not use it. Done...

3 - Round 5 pin connector hooked into the NEMA In/Out port. This is for very limited Smart Craft transfer as best a I can tell. Depth, speed, course direction.

How do we interface this with the new c95?

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Dave,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. See the portion of this FAQ addressing NMEA 0183.

Thanks for the links.

Will it be an easy color match up or will there be a chart?


The NMEA 0183 leads of a c/e/eS/gS-Series MFD Power/NMEA 0183/Video Input cable utilize the same color codes featured by the NMEA 0183 cable of the C-Series Classic MFDs.
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