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Full Version: [CA11] A77 with p319 transducer not showing depth on st60 tridata
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I have recently added a a77 to my boat and all is good except the st60 tridata is showing speed and temp but not showing depth with seatalk to a77 p319 transducer. Can anyone help.
Thanks in advance.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Aid1970,

In order for the ST60 Tridata Instrument to repeat depth from data available on the SeaTalk bus, the intermediate calibration mode of the ST60 Tridata Instrument must entered, whereby the instrument may be configured as a Depth Repeater. This information may be found within the ST60 instrument's installation and operation manual.
Took a long time to get back together but she’s in and done and now showing depth, thank you so much. Do you know if it’s possible to get it to read speed?

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