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Full Version: SR150 Displaying Sea Water Temperture
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I recently connected an SR 150 to my es127. When I select the weather application and display the sea surface temperature chart, I see the usual green, yellow, orange display, but I don't see any actual numerical water temps like I used to with my SR100 connected to a E120. I'm hoping I just need to update some setting or push some other button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Kurtzrr,

As with the MFDs which preceded the eS127, the Weather application is designed to represent Sea Surface Temperature through color shading. The water temperature (as well as any other supported weather data item), may be determined for any location by positioning the cursor over and pressing the OK button or holding your finger to the screen at the desired location and then selecting View Data from the Weather Info pop-up dialog which is displayed.
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