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Full Version: Least expensive fish finder with extrenal gps antenna
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please recommend
Least expensive fish finder with extrenal gps antenna

I have a brand new pro5 GPS is constantely lose position fix w/ alarm that can't be configured off.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Steve,

Raymarine's a68 MFD, a78 MFD, and Axiom 7 DV MFDs are Raymarine's least expensive MFDs featuring support for integration with an external GPS sensor (ex. Raystar 150 GPS Sensor) and are designed to additionally support the same CHIRP (conical) and DownVision fishfinder sonar features supported Dragonfly Pro displays.
Chuck is it true or false that the gps alarm that can't be configured off.

The NO GPS alarm within the Dragonfly displays cannot be disabled. Please note that the aforementioned ax8 MFDs and Axiom MFD also feature an internal GPS Sensor. For installations where the MFD will be installed in a location affording it an unobstructed view of the skies overhead, the unit should be able acquire and maintain a GPS position FIX ... unless access to the skies overhead is blocked by objects overhead (ex. bridges, boat shelters, dense foliage, etc.). In such cases, the MFD's internal GPS sensor may be switched OFF. This will prevent the MFD from thereafter producing a NO GPS alarm until the internal GPS is once again switched ON.
can the speaker be pyhiscalley removed thus having no alarms. if I cant remove speaker can I mute or lower volumne? again please recommend Least expensive fish finder with extrenal gps antenna

The speakers of Raymarine equipment (VHF products excluded) may neither be switched ON/OFF nor is there an associated volume adjustment. Raymarine does not support modification the circuitry within its products. Dragonfly products and Axiom MFDs are permanently sealed and would permit no such modifications. Please see may earlier response listed the least expensive Raymarine products featuring support for an external GPS sensor.
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