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Full Version: Finding Transducer Model Numbers
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Is there a way from the MFD (or some other means) to find out the model number and/or version of the transducers (wind, speed, temperature, depth) without visually inspecting the unit? Trying to avoid climbing up the mast, for example.
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Raymarine instrument depth and speed/temp transducers are manufactured with a tag affixed to transducer end of the affixed cable. This tag identifies the transducer. Wind transducers are not similarly tagged. If supplied with a photo of the wind transducer, then it may be possible to identify the model of wind transducer installed onboard.
Chuck, I posted a link to the picture for my wind transducer.



The wind transducer shown within your photos is the Product Number: E22078 Short arm (300mm) vane w/30m cable or the E22079 Long arm (600mm) vane w/50m cable. It would correspondingly be necessary to measure the wind vane's arm to determine whether it was the long arm or short arm version of this wind transducer.
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