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Full Version: E80 Radar problem
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My E80 Radar is giving me a "no data source" message. After warmup I get a "antenna not rotating " message. Looking for trouble shooting advice?

Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Frank,

It is normal for the Radar application to report No Data Source when first powered ON. After it has booted, should the Radar application report "Antenna Not Rotating", then it would indicate a failure with the radome or open array pedestal. To be certain that the problem is not resulting from insufficient power, the vessel should be connected to shore power, it batteries be permitted to achieve a fully charged state, and then while still connected to shore power, the equipment should be tested again.

Should the problem persist, then please note that the E-Series Classic MFDs were compatible with two types of radomes and pedestals ... those having an analog video interface and those having an Ethernet communications interface. Raymarine can no longer service radomes and pedestals having an analog video interface. While some parts (ex. 32110 - drive belt for 2D and 4D radomes) were available at the time of this response, many parts for radomes and open array pedestals are no longer available. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how one may determine the availability and price of a part. One may identify whether a radome or open array pedestal features an analog video interface by examining the exterior of the radome of open array pedestal where the radar cable connects to or passes through the case. The case of radomes and open array pedestals having an analog video interface will feature a cable gland through which the radar cable enters the case. In contrast, the case of radomes and open array pedestals having an Ethernet communications interface feature a threaded metal power/communications socket to which a Digital Radar Cable will be connected.

Should an radome or open array pedestal having an analog video interface within a system featuring E-Series Classic MFDs fail, then the radome or open array pedestal and it radar cable may be replaced with a Digital Radar Cable and a Digital/HD Digital Radome or HD/SuperHD Open Array Pedestal. The Digital Radar Cable connected to a Digital/HD Digital Radome or HD/SuperHD Open Array Pedestal may be interfaced to the SeaTalkhs port of an E-Series Classic MFD or the system's Ethernet switch (ex. HS 5 RayNet Network Switch, SR6 (retired), or SeaTalkhs Network Switch (retired)) should one be installed onboard.
I think it's analog. Attached is a pic of the wire going into the unit.

Is there anything I can do to repair or replace the dome if it's dead; belts, motor, used unit, etc?

Thank you for the response!

The photo is indeed that of a 2D 2kW 18" or 4D 4kW 24" radome having an analog video interface. As indicated, Raymarine is longer able to provide service for these radomes, necessitating that the radome be replaced should the part required to service the radome no longer be available. Raymarine does not have any remanufactured radomes having an analog communications interface to offer. Accordingly, it would be recommended that the radome and its cable be replaced per my prior response. Alternatively, you may want to search the second hand market for a compatible second hand radome.

Please see the private message sent to you.
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